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Informational Memoranda



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OIR-04-023M Implementation of Chapters 627.6402, 627.65626, and 641.31(40), Florida Statutes - Healthy Lifestyle Rebates OIR-04-023M/88k 12/15/2004
OIR-04-019M Clarification of Filing Requirements Related to Emergency Rule 69OER04-19 OIR-04-04-019M/83k 11/19/2004
OIR-04-018M QUASR Monthly Reporting OIR-04-018M/68k 11/17/2004
OIR-04-017M Additional Hurricane Reporting - Claims Information by Line of Business OIR-04-017M/86k 10/28/2004
OIR-04-016M Changes to Weekly Hurricane Reporting Requirements OIR-04-016M/85k 10/28/2004
OIR-04-015M Implementation of Chapter 636, Part II, Florida Statutes - Discount Medical Plan Organizations OIR-04-014M/85k 10/21/2004
OIR-04-014M Continued Hurricane Reporting OIR-04-014M/73k 10/19/2004
OIR-04-012M Continued Hurricane Reporting OIR-04-012M/72k 10/1/2004
OIR-04-011M Continued Hurricane Reporting OIR-04-011M/72k 9/21/2004
OIR-04-010M Continued Hurricane Reporting OIR-04-010M/72k 9/15/2004
OIR-04-009M Senate Bill 1926, 624.4315 Workers' Compensation Insurers; Notice of Significant Underwriting Change OIR-04-009m/77k 8/2/2004
OIR-04-008M Hurricane Charley Reporting OIR-04-008m/84k 8/18/2004
OIR-04-007M Professional Liability Claims Reporting OIR-04-007m/79k 7/30/2004

OIR-04-006M Private Passenger Auto Insurance Required Filing OIR-04-006m/75k 7/29/2004
OIR-04-005M 2004 LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY OIR-04-005m/20k 7/22/2004
OIR-04-004M 2004 Legislation Expanding the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund OIR-04-004m/22k 7/7/2004
OIR-04-003M Automobile Insurance Coverage for Florida's Military OIR-04-003m/75k 6/17/2004
OIR-04-002M RULE 69O-170.003, Florida Administrative Code, Calculation of Investment Income 2004 Profit and Contingency Factors

OIR-04-002m/79k 6/4/2004M
OIR-04-001M Service Charge and Additional Charge Limitations OIR-04-001m/80k 5/24/2004

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The Legislature created the Office of Insurance Regulation on January 1, 2003.

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