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Company Admissions

The Company Admissions Section is responsible for the receipt of all company applications and the coordination of the Office's review of such applications prior to granting approval to a company to sell insurance in the state of Florida. If you have any questions, please check the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions; otherwise, you may emailappcoord@floir.com for assistance.

iApply is an online system that is designed specifically for Company Admissions to handle the receipt of all company applications. The filing requirements for the various application packages have not changed, just the means by which you apply. To access go to the Industry Portal and select iApply -- Online Company Admissions.

To view and/or download an application package, select from the following dropdown menus:

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NAIC Company Code Application Form

Fingerprint Payment and Livescan Fingerprinting Instructions

Fingerprint Payment and Appointments for Livescan Fingerprinting


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