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The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) promotes a stable and competitive insurance market for consumers. With a workforce of approximately 250 staff members, OIR regulates one the largest, most complex insurance industries in the world to ensure consumers have access to a wide variety of reliable insurance products at affordable prices.

OIR Careers

OIR offers a wide range of challenging and rewarding job opportunities for individuals interested in risk management and insurance, actuarial science, data analytics, finance, information technology and much more. Staff members have access to a wide variety of top industry-related courses and professional certifications. In addition, OIR provides specialized training based on agency needs and team members’ career goals.

OIR offers competitive benefit packages for its full-time Career Service, Selected Exempt Service and Senior Management Service employees, including health-care options and retirement plans.

In addition, select positions are eligible to participate in the state-sponsored tuition waiver program, such as OIR employees with a Career Service, SES or SMS position classification. Find more information about State Employee Benefits.

OIR places tremendous value on the service that veterans and their family members have given to our country and supports the hiring of returning service members and military spouses in accordance with veteran preference eligibility guidelines.

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Please Note: OIR is administratively housed under the Department of Financial Services. OIR positions within People First will be noted as “Department of Financial Services."

OIR Internship Program

The OIR Internship Program offers an opportunity for enrolled college and university students pursuing careers in risk management and insurance, actuarial science, finance, and data analytics.

This internship is offered as an Other Personnel Service (OPS) position and is a paid position. This internship is not eligible for certain benefits such as paid leave. Interns are expected to follow all policies and procedures of OIR.

OIR’s Internship Program offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the insurance industry with a regulator that has oversight of one of the most complex insurance markets in the world. A successful completion of the internship could potentially lead to the intern being appointed to a permanent, professional position.

Application Process

Applicants must also submit the following:

  • Complete resume including education, employment history and contact information for previous employment
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor, or professional
  • Cover letter describing interest in pursuing an internship at OIR and future career goals

Applications must be received within one month prior to the applicant’s potential/requested start date. OIR will review applications, conduct interviews, and refer potential applicants to its various business units. The specific number of internships available at OIR is pre-determined each semester based on OIR’s need.

Candidates will be notified of acceptance at least two weeks prior to the start date of employment. Interns are required to participate in New Employee Orientation.


Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled in a State college, university, vocational-technical college, or community college
  • Work a maximum of 20 hours per week
  • Able to participate for a minimum duration of two semesters, depending on OIR needs and employee job performance