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CHOICES Rate Comparison Tool

Auto, Homeowners, Medicare Supplement, and Small Group Health Insurance Rate Comparison System

The Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) developed CHOICES to provide consumers with rate information for various types of insurance. This system demonstrates the importance of shopping for the best policy to suit your needs. CHOICES was originally created for homeowners insurance and modified to include auto insurance in 2013. Further enhancements to the system have expanded CHOICES to include both Medicare Supplement and small group health insurance.

The CHOICES tools for auto and homeowners insurance are based on three pre-defined model risk scenarios to provide the consumer with sample average rates in any Florida county. The CHOICES tools for both Medicare Supplement and small group health insurance are more interactive and allow the user to select options and enter specific criteria for calculation of rates for any county located in Florida.

All rates provided in the CHOICES system are for illustrative purposes only and consumers are encouraged to contact either an insurance agent or the insurance company for a premium quote based on their individual circumstances.

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