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Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is purchased in advance of a person’s disability or infirmity, which leaves them unable to perform some of the activities of daily living, like walking, eating, or dressing. It also covers the cost of day-to-day care and treatment at home, or in an assisted-care living facility or in a full-time nursing facility, and includes a wide range of medical, personal, and social services. These types of policies vary in coverage, but normally pay a fixed-dollar amount or the actual costs of care up to a specified dollar amount, for a certain length of time and kind of care.

There are approximately 400,000 consumers enrolled in a long-term care insurance plan in Florida and there are roughly a dozen companies currently writing policies for long-term care insurance for Floridians. OIR is committed to identifying ways to offer predictability, choice, and honest pricing for Florida consumers.

2019 OIR Summit Leadership Panel: Long-Term Care

Watch the video (starts at 49:10 minute mark)

Additional Long-Term Care Insurance Resources and Contacts:

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