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About the Insurance Commissioner

David Altmaier

The Commissioner's Biography

David Altmaier was appointed as Florida’s Insurance Commissioner on April 29, 2016, by the Financial Services Commission. He leads a 289-member team at the Office of Insurance Regulation (Office) overseeing a complex insurance marketplace in a state with one of the highest catastrophe exposures for hurricanes.

Commissioner Altmaier joined the Office in 2008, serving in various roles within the property and casualty business unit. These included Chief Analyst, Director of Property & Casualty Financial Oversight and Deputy Commissioner of Property and Casualty Insurance.

Beginning in 2018, Commissioner Altmaier was named chair of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Financial Condition (E) Committee.

Prior to joining the Office, Commissioner Altmaier worked as a Florida licensed 2-20 and 2-14 insurance agent and high school math teacher. He is a 2004 alumnus of Western Kentucky University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.