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Hurricane season is June 1 – November 30

Hurricane Season Resources

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation encourages consumers to review your insurance policies, understand your coverages, and protect your home from the threat of flooding before a storm.

The resources included below will help consumers prepare for severe weather. OIR encourages consumers to continue monitoring this page for important updates throughout the storm season.

Create a Home Inventory

In preparing for hurricane season it is important to maintain an inventory of your home. A home inventory is a list of significant items within the room, broken down by room, with an estimate of the item’s current value. These types of inventories can make it easier for you to file an accurate, detailed insurance claim in case your home is damaged or destroyed in a disaster. As part of the home inventory, you should include photos and proof of ownership. Once you have completed your home inventory, you should check with your insurer to determine if you need additional coverage.

There are several options to assist you in completing your inventory: Inventory ChecklistNAIC Home Inventory App | iPhone® | Android®

Consider Flood Insurance

OIR encourages consumers to make sure they are covered. Flooding is the nation's most common and costly natural disaster. Flood damages are not typically covered in a homeowners' insurance policy and flood coverage must be purchased separately or as an endorsement to their current policy. Even a small amount of water in a home can cost a very costly

Know Your Insurer Contact Information

Gather Important Documents

Be sure to gather your important documents such as your insurance policies, identification cards, and keep them in a secure location should you need to evacuate quickly.