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Take-Out Companies


This page is provided by OIR for the purpose of giving Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) policyholders and their agents the opportunity to review the financial status and coverage details of companies recently approved by OIR  to remove policyholders as part of the Depopulation Program.

These companies, called "take-out companies," have all met or exceeded Florida's statutory requirements to obtain a Certificate of Authority from OIR  in order to sell property insurance in the state. This information is provided to assist policyholders in making a well-informed decision on whether to accept or deny a take-out offer. 

To assume policies from Citizens, private-market insurance companies must submit documentation to OIR to verify they meet OIR standards and have the financial resources and business plan in place to properly pay claims. If approved, OIR will issue a consent order indicating the number of policies eligible for removal, assumption date and any additional stipulations.

OIR encourages policyholders to talk to their agents, contact the take-out company or visit its website if they have questions. For more information about the take-out process, visit the Depopulation page on Citizens' website or contact the Citizens Customer Care Center at (888) 685-1555.

Requirements for Requesting Approval to Participate in the Takeout Process

2024 Company Approvals


Approval Date

Takeout Assumption Date

Consent Order

Condo Owners Reciprocal ExchangeMarch 29, 2024June 2024325480-24-CO
Slide Insurance CompanyFebruary 29, 2024May 2024323965-24-CO
Security First Insurance CompanyFebruary 29, 2024May 2024323968-24-CO
American Integrity Insurance Company of FloridaFebruary 29, 2024May 2024323971-24-CO
Condo Owners Reciprocal ExchangeJanuary 31, 2024April 2024322485-24-CO
Slide Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024321023-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024 320985-23-CO
Edison Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024 320986-23-CO
Southern Oak Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024 320987-23-CO
American Traditions Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024 320989-23-CO
People's Trust Insurance CompanyDecember 28, 2023March 2024 320988-23-CO
Condo Owners Reciprocal ExchangeNovember 30, 2023February 2024319764-23-CO
Orange Insurance ExchangeNovember 30, 2023February 2024319550-23-CO
Security First Insurance CompanyNovember 30, 2023February 2024319715-23-CO
Edison Insurance CompanyNovember 30, 2023February 2024319541-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyNovember 30, 2023February 2024319539-23-CO
Southern Oak Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318295-23-CO
US Coastal Property & Casualty Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318297-23-CO
Slide Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318294-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318282-23-CO
Edison Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318279-23-CO
TypTap Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318296-23-CO
Monarch National Insurance CompanyOctober 31, 2023January 2024318286-23-CO


2023 Company Approvals


Approval DateTakeout Assumption DateConsent Order
Orange Insurance ExchangeOctober 6, 2023December 2023317174-23-CO
American Traditions Insurance CompanyOctober 2, 2023December 2023316820-23-CO
Slide Insurance CompanySeptember 29, 2023December 2023316590-23-CO
Safepoint Insurance CompanySeptember 29, 2023December 2023316536-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanySeptember 29, 2023December 2023316528-23-CO
TypTap Insurance CompanySeptember 29, 2023December 2023316527-23-CO
Edison Insurance Company September 29, 2023December 2023316531-23-CO
Loggerhead Reciprocal Interinsurance ExchangeSeptember 1, 2023November 2023315285-23-CO
Slide Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315296-23-CO
Safepoint Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315228-23-CO
Monarch National Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315287-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315216-23-CO
Edison Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315219-23-CO
Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance CompanySeptember 1, 2023November 2023315252-23-CO
Monarch National Insurance CompanyJuly 31, 2023October 2023313604-23-CO
Safepoint Insurance CompanyJuly 31, 2023October 2023313633-23-CO
Southern Oak Insurance CompanyJuly 31, 2023October 2023313634-23-CO
Slide Insurance CompanyJuly 31, 2023October 2023313754-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyJuly 31, 2023

October 2023

Loggerhead Reciprocal Interinsurance ExchangeMay 31, 2023August 2023310944-23-CO
Slide Insurance CompanyMay 31, 2023August 2023310943-23-CO
Monarch National Insurance CompanyMarch 31, 2023June 2023308306-23-CO
Cypress Property and Casualty Insurance CompanyJanuary 31, 2023April 2023305917-23-CO
Edison Insurance CompanyJanuary 31, 2023April 2023305879-23-CO
Florida Peninsula Insurance CompanyJanuary 31, 2023

April 2023



Take-Out Assumption Summaries