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Market Regulation

Market Investigations conducts examinations and investigations of insurers and related parties regarding business practices and patterns of alleged violations of the Florida Insurance Code.  Market Investigations is comprised of four sections; Property and Casualty Section, Life and Health Section, Special Investigations Unit, and Market Analysis Section.

The Property and Casualty and Life and Health Sections conduct examinations and investigations of the business practices of authorized insurers in the State of Florida to ensure compliance with the Florida Insurance Code.  The Special Investigations Unit investigates allegations of unauthorized and illegal insurance activity as well as in-depth investigations of authorized insurers.  The Market Analysis Section identifies trends and analyzes patterns of insurer's data related to industry or marketplace issues, i.e., consumer complaints, financial trending, environmental scanning, etc.  The purpose of these activities is to ensure compliance with Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules. Based on the findings of the examinations and investigations, Market Investigations may take administrative action, impose administrative penalties and require corrective action in order to protect insurance consumers from unlawful or harmful business practices.

The following forms are required by statute to be submitted to Market Investigations:

OIR-B3-493 - PPA Rescinded Policies Form [Word] Due within 90 days of recission
OIR-B2-1552 - Rescission Reporting (Appendix A) Due March 1 Annually [Word] Due annually by March 1
OIR-B2-1553 - Claims Denial Report Form (Appendix E) Due June 30 Annually [Word] Due annually by June 30
OIR-B2-1555 - Replacement and Lapse Reporting Form (Appendix J) due June 30 Annually [Word] Due Annually by June 30
Suitability report as required by Rule 69O-157.116(8), Florida Administrative Code. Due annually by June 30

Regulatory Actions Against Unlicensed Entities

Market Conduct Examination Reports and Regulatory Actions Against Licensed Companies

(850) 413-3155

Property & Casualty PCMR@floir.com

Life & Health LHMR@floir.com