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OIR Issues Order Establishing 2021 Rates for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Apr 20, 2021

Tallahassee, Fla. - The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) has established the 2021 personal property insurance rates for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens).

The OIR held a virtual public rate hearing on March 15, 2021, to receive testimony from Citizens in support of its rate recommendations and provide members of the public an opportunity to comment on the rate filings. Following a review of the complete record, the OIR has established the rates for Citizens personal lines and coastal accounts. The Order can be accessed here.

The effective date for both new and renewal policies is August 1, 2021.

The chart below provides the overall estimated statewide average rate changes for personal lines accounts (PLA) and coastal accounts (CA).  
Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA) #21-003137​​+6.2%​+3.2%
​Homeowners Wind Only (CA) #21-003138​+7.0%​+5.1%
Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Multi-Peril (PLA) #21-003730​​+9.5%​+9.1%
​Property/Personal (Dwelling Fire) Wind Only (CA) #21-003742​+8.7%​+7.8%
​Mobile Homeowners Multi-Peril (PLA) #21-003743​+9.3%​+9.0%
​Mobile Homeowners Wind Only (CA) #21-003751+9.4%​​+9.4%
​Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage Wind only (CA) #21-003976​+9.4%​+9.5%
​Mobile Homeowners Physical Damage Multi-Peril (PLA) #21-003977​+7.7%​+3.3%


Rate filings can be accessed via the Insurance Regulatory Filing System (IRFS) using the file log numbers or company name. The most recent filing information will be at the bottom of the results page. Additional information is available on the Citizens public rate hearing webpage.




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