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Automobile Insurance

Primary Rules

Disclaimer: Rules are usually promulgated by the Office as the result of legislation requiring them. This is not an exhaustive list of Rules related to this type of insurance.

69O-170: Property and Casualty Insurer Rating

69O-175: Motor Vehicle Insurance

69O-176: Motor Vehicle Insurance Requirements

69OER12-01: Emergency Notification of Personal Injury Protection Benefits

69O-125.004: Credit Report Use and Disclosure in Consideration of Insurance Applications

69O-142.002: Insurer Complaint Ratios

69O-142.011: Insurer Conduct Penalty Guidelines

69O-167.001, 690.167.002, 690-167.004, 167.005, 167.010: Property and Casualty Insurance Contracts

69O-171.005, 171.008 Property and Casualty Insurer Reporting Requirements; Insurance Rating


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