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Automobile Insurance


The Office promulgates forms to facilitate the transfer of information from the insurance entities to the Office. These forms have information required by Florida statutes and rules.

Each form has an official form number, which pertains to the agency that generated the form, the area within that agency, and the numeric order of the form being issued. For example, the 11th form issued by the Applications Coordination section would be numbered OIR-C1-11.

Code OIR Unit
A1 Property & Casualty Financial Oversight
A2 Life & Health Financial Oversight
A3 Specialty Product Review
B1 Property & Casualty Product Review
B2 Life & Health Product Review
B3 Market Investigations
C1 Applications Coordination
D0 Forms with cross-unit usage

OIR-B1-11 Voluntary Private Passenger Non-Fleet Automobile Insurance In-Force Policy Count Reporting

OIR-B1-307 Private Passenger Automobile Excessive Profits Report

OIR-B1-505 Notice of Mandatory Pre-Insurance Inspection Requirement

OIR-B1-507 Florida Motor Vehicle Pre-Insurance Inspection Form

OIR-B1-508 Acknowledgement of Requirement for Pre-Insurance Inspection

OIR-B1-575; OIR-B1-576; OIR-B1-577; OIR-B1-578 Auto Rate Collections System (ARCS)

OIR-B1-584 Annual Rate Filing Exemption

OIR-B1-586 Annual Rate Filing Certification and Transmittal

OIR-B1-1149 Notification of Personal Injury Protection Benefits

OIR-B1-1571 Standard Disclosure and Acknowledgement Form

OIR-B1-1773 Certification Of Medical Services or Care Lawfully Provided, Supervised, Ordered or Prescribed Pursuant to Section 627.736(1)(a), Florida Statutes

OIR-B1-1809 Health Care Provider Certification of Eligibility for PIP Benefits

I-File for Form and Rate Filing


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