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Multi-State Review Program

As of 5/16/2017, the Multi-State program has ended.

The Multi-State Review Program (MSRP) offers companies the opportunity to submit an individual, online annuity filing simultaneously to five states. Florida, Texas and California established the MSRP in 2003 via a Memorandum of Understanding. Nevada and Georgia have also joined the MSRP. Annuity filers use Florida's online I-File system to submit filings, which are subject to the combined annuity review standards of Florida, Texas, and California while providing companies a simultaneous product approval in all participating states

Participating insurers see a noticeable increase in their product's speed to market and a reduction in administrative costs. Each paperless submission offers insurers the opportunity to obtain approval in 60 days or less and reach over one-quarter of the country's annuities market. Company participation in the MSRP is free (although some existing participating state filing fees may apply) and only requires an Internet connection.

Click here to watch a brief PowerPoint overview of the MSRP and how it benefits states. Or, click here to see a brief PowerPoint overview of the MSRP and how it benefits annuity insurers.

For more information, please contact Florida's MSRP Coordinator, James Walker at James.Walker@floir.com or call 850-661-9017.