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Accident & Health

Primary Statutes

Chapter 624; Part III: Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements (Sections 624.401-624.489)

Sections 624.437 - 624.446: Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA)

Chapter 626; Part IX: Unfair Insurance Trade Practices (Sections 626.951-626.99)

Chapter 627; Part VI: Health Insurance Policies (Sections 627.601-627.6499)

Chapter 627; Part VII: Group, Blanket, and Franchise Health Insurance Policies (Sections 627.651-627.6699)

Chapter 636; Part I: Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations (Sections 636.002-636.067)

Chapter 636; Part II: Discount Medical Plan Organizations (Sections 636.202-636.244)

Chapter 641; Part I: Health Maintenance Organizations (Sections 641.17-641.3923)

Section 641.316: Fiscal Intermediary Service Organization (FISO)

Chapter 641; Part II:  Prepaid Health Clinics (Sections 641.40-641.459)

Chapter 641; Part III: Health Care Services (Sections 641.47-641.75)

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