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Media Advisory

Public Workshop on Inspection Form for Wind Mitigation Discounts
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Contact Info:

Jack McDermott
Brittany Benner
850 413-2515
850 413-2515

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation will conduct a public workshop to review the form used by inspectors to document eligibility for wind mitigation discounts for personal residential property on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. During the workshop, the Office will concentrate first on changes in the form that are required to be made because of a change in Florida law that authorizes only certain licensees to conduct inspections and sign the form. Additionally, regulators will review changes that may need to be made in the future to further clarify the requirements for insurance companies to give wind mitigation discounts and to make certain that inspectors and policyholders are aware of the actions that they can take to obtain discounts.

Applied Research Associates Inc. (ARA) is scheduled to deliver a presentation regarding wind mitigation discounts. Contractors, engineers, architects, and other professionals who are engaged in the business of conducting wind mitigation inspections are also expected to participate in the workshop.

The Financial Services Commission, which is comprised of the Governor and Cabinet, adopted a new mitigation form earlier this year, which was based on information obtained during a series of hearings. The new mitigation form requires photographs, signatures, and other improvements designed to prevent fraud and document eligibility for discounts as clearly as possible.

The process is ongoing and will require continued revisions based on suggestions from participants in the process.

The panel will solicit testimony from the public following the regular agenda items. ​

Office of Insurance Regulation

A workshop will be held to discuss the mitigation form, including changes that need to be made to comply with Florida law, and to document professional credentials required to conduct inspections and sign the mitigation form. Click here for a copy of the agenda.​

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:30 AM

Room 116, Larson Building
200 E. Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida

*An audio recording will be available upon request for those who cannot make it to the hearing.​

Contact Info:

Jack McDermott
Brittany Benner
850 413-2515
850 413-2515

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