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Florida and Georgia Insurance Commissioners Agree on Catastrophe Cooperation Plan
Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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Jack McDermott
(850) 413-2515

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty and Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens jointly announced they have renewed a partnership agreement between their respective states. The agreement will ensure continuity of operations of mission critical functions in the event of a catastrophe that causes significant disruption to either state’s operations.
Under the agreement, members of an affected state will use temporary workspace designated by the other’s state, in Tallahassee and Atlanta respectively, until the infrastructure of the affected state has been restored. The memorandum of understanding specifies the terms and conditions of the host state's support requirements as well as the responsibilities of the affected state.
"The Georgia Department of Insurance appreciates this opportunity to work together with our Florida colleagues to improve both states' ability to provide essential regulatory services and protections to our citizens in the event of a man-made or natural disaster," said Commissioner Hudgens. "We hope and pray, of course, that such a disaster never occurs.  If it does, however, this agreement increases the level of preparedness of both departments."
"I appreciate the opportunity to work with Commissioner Hudgens to craft an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both of our states," said Commissioner McCarty. "It is essential that we are proactive in our planning to allow each office to provide critical services and information to emergency response teams and the public directly following a major catastrophe. This agreement increases our capacity to perform these important functions."
The primary elements of the agreement are as follows:
  • Mobilizing state will promptly notify host state contacts when a disaster occurs and operations must be moved to the host state
  • Host state will provide logistical support to include a limited number of laptop and desktop computers, Internet capabilities and fax machines
  • Host state will provide space for 20 employees for a period of 45 days

Today's agreement revises and replaces a previous agreement dated July 2009.

Contact Info:

Jack McDermott
(850) 413-2515

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