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Press Release

First District Court Of Appeal Clarifies Ruling Upholding Florida Office Of Insurance Regulation Immediate Final Order Against Allstate
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Contact Info:

Ed Domansky or Tom Zutell
850-413-2515 ​

In a clarification of its April 4 ruling, upholding the Office's Jan. 17 Immediate Final Order, suspending the licenses of the Allstate Companies from writing any new business in Florida - the Court stated: "This Court's April 4, 2008 opinion lifting the stay will not become final until the time for filing a motion for rehearing expires, and the disposition thereof, if filed."
The Office sought the clarification because there was ambiguity in the Order as to whether the stay had been lifted immediately or was subject to the time frame for a motion for rehearing or any disposition of that motion, if one is filed.      
Contact Info:

Ed Domansky or Tom Zutell
850-413-2515 ​

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